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Eggscellent||How to know a hard boiled egg without cracking. 

Yeah, yeah, yeah….. Dancing **

I can now boast of perfectly boiling an egg, its not as if I can’t boil eggs oo… (Don’t think I’m a bad cook o) Of course I’ve boiled eggs several times due to  the fact that I love boiled eggs.
So let’s make a toast to my knowing how to detect if an egg is hard boiled without having to break it. Yippee….. Thanks to my dad for this…. I’m really so excited to share this with you.
Normally, I boil eggs by giving it specific time depending on the amount of eggs but sometimes when am so in a haste, I tend to break the egg without it being fully done. And I reboil when needs be or sometimes I just shrug and enjoy it that way (then I comfort my self by saying undone eggs are more nourishing…. *covers face). 

But today I was also in this situation of boiling eggs for my dad after I have taken his own share of the eggs I boiled for the house this morning. I was reading a book and I was so in a haste if getting the boiled  eggs and returning to my book.(It’s a book I’ve read over and over but I Still feel entertained by it anytime I do…. You know that feeling? Right….. Dear Future Husband by Tomi Adesina.If you haven’t read it pls do,here) And that was how I got undone eggs…. Dad had to tell me this few tips which we tried. 


So over to how to know a hard boil egg without cracking it. 

  • A hard-boiled egg, being solid, will spin smoothly. A raw egg, being liquid inside, will wobble.
  • Double-check by spinning the egg and suddenly stopping its rotation with the tip of your finger. A hard-boiled egg comes to an immediate stop and stays stopped if you lift your finger. A raw egg begins to rotate again, though more slowly, if you quickly lift your finger away.
  • A hard- boiled Egg will sink in plain water and will float in salt water. An egg is denser than plain water but lighter than salt water. 
  • One can also hold it up to a very bright light. If you can’t see inside it’s been cooked.

    Of course, after boiling, one has to put the eggs in warm water to ease the shell removal…. Then an eggcellent snack is gotten. 

    Thanks Dad for these tips. 

    I love eggs. 
    Thanks for reading this post. What do you think about this post? Have you gained something or is there something you’ll like to share… Pls, the comment box is open to you. I appreciate your support so far….. An egg for you too…. 

    Xoxo💞 ✌

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    Running Whatsapp on PC. 

    Hello lovelies, 

    How’s your weekend going?Mine had been so cool, its been raining heavily and the weather is just so cool.  

    So a lot of people still use Whatsapp on their phone even when they have their laptop in front of them. This can be stressful you know?

    As you could be working on the MS word or other applications on your computer and you have to take a peep on your mobile phone every minute to reply Whatsapp messages. Annoying sometimes ba?

    So here is the thing!

    You can run applications on your PC and at same time have your Whatsapp running on the same PC simultaneously which will definitely be stress free. Yea! I’d smile to that also. 

     Here are the steps you can follow to achieve this simple “techie know how”

    Requirements: Personal Computer, A working Data plan on your mobile phone and Whatsapp installed on your mobile phone.
    STEP 1: Make sure Your System is connected to the internet, and Your Mobile data is switched On, on the mobile phone. 
    STEP 2: Open your browser on the PC and enter this address “”. This site will bring up a barcode which you are meant to scan with your phone.

    STEP 3: Open the Whatsapp on your mobile phone and click on the me “Menu”(the three vertical dots by the top right corner). There after you see a drop down menu, then select the “WHATSAPP WEB”.

    STEP 4: Scan the bar code on the screen of the previously open Whatsapp on you PC. Once that is done, then YOU ARE GOOD TO GO!!!!! Winks*

    PS: keep your phone close by, because once its outta range there might be connection lost. But anytime you open your Whatsapp web on your PC, it automatically connects.
    I hope this post is useful…… Thanks to you for reading this and for being there. Your view about this post will  really be  appreciated. 

    Thanks for dropping by again. 

    Xoxo 💞 

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    Myth Busting. 

    Lies lies lies everywhere.

    The society tell lies,the politicians, the teachers,Media, everyone….
    I’m really addicted to the truth….

    Don’t mind me, I haven’t wished you a happy new month…. It’s May already…. This month is gonna be Ah-May-zingwoow.

    So back to the lies they tell in form of myth. What actually brought up the idea of this post was that I heard about one of the myths I talked about here and I asked further questions. 

     Mythology has been used to used to teach traditions which may be in form of axioms, stories and paradigm. These ultra-popular myths establish the status quo. And while some widely held ideas are good, many are not. 

    These are some  examples of some common myth:


     1.Cracking your knuckles will give you arthritis.

    The misconception here comes from the belief that the sound you hear when someone gets a loud crack out of their knuckles is the sound of their bones grinding against each other, but that’s not the case. That noise comes from bubbles of air and gas bursting inside the joint, and studies have proven that that’s not the sounds of arthritis. However, cracking one’s knuckles could lead to other problems down the road, like a decrease in flexibility and ligament damage. 
    2. If you don’t eat when you’re sick, your fever will leave. 

    “Feed a cold, starve a fever.” This  saying is commonly used and it implores one to fast when with fever, because the idea is that a lack of nutrients will flush the illness right out of your body. On top of making no sense, this isn’t accurate. Although fever often  curbs ones  appetite, this doesn’t mean one  should go all the way with it. When sick, one still needs to feed on  a healthy number of meals with ample vitamins and nutrients, which will help the body fight off the fever. 

    3.Pregnant women should go about with a safety pin on their clothing especially around their stomach. 

    This popular Yoruba myth ideology is based on the fact that a lot of strange spirits move about, looking for vessels to jump into,so this safety pin ties the pregnancy and do not allow access for any spirit. 
    4. Stretching hand in the rain, causes thunder strike. 

    The lies they tell us, normally when it rains,Thunder strikes. The idea behind this myth is to prevent one from cold and raindrops.
    5.Its a taboo to sit on a mortar 

    Hygienically, kitchen utensils are meant to be kept clean and neat .The ridiculous thing about this particular myth is that a particular repercussion is attached to this.

    6. If you shave your leg hair….. It will grow back thicker. 

    Women are mostly told this,but come to think of it, guys shave their beards and it doesn’t grow thicker, why is the leg hair an exception. The idea of this myth is to prevent injuries that could arise from  shaving the leg hair. 

    Let’s examine the world around us and ask questions when necessary. Filling our brain with the facts and not agreeing to stick to the status quo. 

    What do you feel about this post? What are your ideas about myth or you have some examples of them? I’ll love to hear from you… Pls, use the comment box. 

    Thanks for reading this post…… I appreciate your stopping by. 

    Xoxo 💞

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    Book review||Ben Carson :Gifted hands. 

    Hey there!!!

     Surprised to see me here so soon?….I have more time now that I’m on holiday…and PHCN seems to have accepted Christ,power  fuelled my desire for this post….. Ah-May-zing.
    I want to keep to my promise of reviewing the Ben Carson’s Gifted hands (though I know you are familiar with the book). If you haven’t read my first book review, the link is here

    Some life stories are really  worth writing down, such is Ben Carson’s. He tells of the struggles faced by his family early in his life, including being raised by a single mother after his father abandoned him and his elder brother with his mother living in poverty in Detroit. 

    He  lacked motivation and had terrible grades but his mother always convinced him he could make something of his life. 
    His trust in God and pure determination pulled Ben from the bottom of his class to the top. He continued to soar through high school and was awarded a scholarship to Yale University. He then attended the University of Michigan Medical School and at age 33, became the director of pediatric neurosurgery at John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. 

     The book is called “Gifted Hands” because of Carson’s call to become a surgeon. Although he was not originally interested in surgery, he was encouraged  and eventually discovered himself — that he had an innate ability  to think in  three dimensions and and eye-hand coordination. 
    Although the greatest portion of the book is about medicine, Dr. Carson writes about the field in a way that non-medical readers can easily grasp abundance of detail, as the book was clearly written to a broader audience. 

    Dr. Carson’s Faith and his determination motivates me each time I  remember him and for that reason when I was younger I always wanted to be a Neurosurgeon too because his contribution to neurosurgery cannot be overstated especially for his part in the first successful separation of siamese twins joined at the back of the head and hemispherectomy, giving children without hope a second chance at  life through a daring operation after removing one half of their brain. 

    His Hands are truly Gifted

    Have you read this book, what can you say about it, does Ben Carson’s life challenge you too.? 

    I’m open to your comments…..Thanks for reading this post. 


    Culled from Ben Carson’s Gifted hands. 

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    Gender Equality :A personality that caught my heart. 

    Entrepreneurship has been the order of the day and I’m glad as it shapes out the society. I’ve been meeting  a lot of people interested in  Fashion Designing , Baking,  hair styling, make over and other fields….. 

    But I met this young and beautiful  female hardware engineer. She repairs phone,  laptops and other gadgets.  Abdulazeez Omowunmi Zainab, a Mass communication Undergraduate  fondly called SCREWS by her clients, this is because she understands the language screws and screwdrivers speak…

    From one of her interviews with Inspiration Fm 100.2, I learnt that she discovered this passion during her childhood days as she’s always interested in what’s in household appliances, phones, laptops and other gadgets. With that she got to know basic things about them, she later  had to learn more about it and now she’s pretty good at what she does. 

    One thing that drives me is seeing a girl child successful in aspects categorised to be for men……. I’m always elated seeing a girl child successful .  Here is her instagram handle,you send a Dm for testimonies… @screws_lee. 

    I’m really glad I met her and this added to my claims that Gender equality is not overrated. 

    Thanks for having you here….what do you develop interest in?