4 Sunny Day Essentials.

Hello Lovelies, 

Trust  you’re in a fettle state and I hope you’re not having a stressful week like me.

My tired face

Currently I’m on field mapping exercise , a prerequisite for my field of study .Geology gets one outdoor and to remote places.

Journeying through the remote places under the scorching sun,exposing the skin,unquenchable thirst.
There are some things that helps  to reduce the effect of Sun .

Hats are very protective and provides shade for the whole body.  Wide brimmed hats helps to cover the face,back and sides of neck and also offer the face most of the protection . Baseball caps will only cover the forehead leaving the other parts vulnerable to the Sun. 


2. Sunshade


Usually, I’m not a shades fan and that’s because I’m shortsighted and i wear glasses. But this is an exception, I rocked shades and it prevents light rays from entering  the eyes. Cool shades and sunny days go hand in hand and shades is the new cool.

The plastic bottle serves as a container for storing water or any liquid. it is hygienically very good and also helps as sunny days dehydrates.

4. Scarf/ Muffler

For me, i believe scarf is more preferred because it is lighter than muffler and also to reduce heat as muffler accumulate heat

grateful for this unaware picture of me famzing the view.

P:S: I had to use my mosquito net for the flatlays …..(lol) as it’s  is the  only white thing around here.
And even with this I pray I don’t turn melanin before I leave here ( I have more than two weeks tho, just spent 4 days) …..i don’t know think the Sun in the North is this extreme….whoever knows Eruwa can relate .Eruwa is a town in Oyo state.
One thing I appreciate about this field mapping  exercise is the Grace to be near nature. Whenever I see such views my soul expands for the worship of the creator.

This Lovely view

God is great.
What other thing do you think can also pass in for a sunny day essential? I’ll love to hear from you . 



Ew Gross….5 things I can’t just handle.

Hey loves,

How is your october going? Hope you’re having a stress free October. Please don’t remind me I know we have 3 months to the end of the year  (or less than.

Now to the gist….

I’m  a very accomodating kind of person (Yes,I know) but I get easily irritated by some things and I’m like eww….gross.

But these are the list of the gross  things that makes me gross.

1. Belching : ahem… this is one of the gross things that makes me gross.. I just can’t stand belching especially when I’m eating, some people have this very loud belch that nauseates me and if I happen to be  eating , that’s the end of the food. (My sisters knows this and do it intentionally most times).

2. Smelling Feet : I really dunno what causes this but this a total turnoff for me. I was in a public transport sometimes ago and a man removed his shoes filling the whole bus with the oozing aroma from his feet. But trust me, I slighted at the next bus stop. ( I cannor come and be times three of my size.

3. Disorganised room : chai, this has earned me a lot of names from my sisters,friends and especially my roommates. I just can’t stand my apartment being disorganised . …especially My bed it has to be well laid or I won’t be able to sleep (Yes o,it’s that bad.)

4. Being Broke : **squeeze face**  I don’t like being broke,I like to have money , a lot of money. (Biko, tell me if I don’t how will I buy coldstone ice cream.. ..lol).But seriously, I can handle being broke , I’ve been without money at times and I’m alive. I just don’t like my purse or bank account being empty.

Empty purse….oh no

5. Being Embarrassed : Jesus is a Christian.. .yes he is…i so much dislike this and that is why most times I like being in my lane ,being me and doing my own thing. Anyways, life still brings some embarrassing situations but one have to deal with it.  Jesus wept (and I do ……sometimes…..**shh;lower your voice.)

Even God has things he can’t handle …7 of them  Proverbs 6:16 -19

Thanks for dropping by…

What are those gross things that grosses you up..Let me hear from you too.


DIY||Flower crown

Hello Lovelies,

Yeah….its a new month,Wish u a great October. 

So I promised I’ll be having a flower crown DIY ….and here we are.

You will need;

  1. Petals
  2. Ribbon
  3. A pair of scissors
  4. Glue
  5. Fishing line

So let’s get started,get petals with colors of your choice (you can as well use a colour as preferred ) . I decided to use four colours .

  1.  Thread the needle with the fishing line  (long enough to go round the head). Then , pick the petals one after the other depending on how you decide to mix  the colours. 

2.Insert the petals into the needle ,this is continued until the petals becomes long and able to go round the head.
3. Tie the fishing line at both ends and straighten the petals.

4. The ribbon is then placed flatly making sure that the ribbon is longer than the string of petals  and glue is applied , thereafter place the string of petals on it till it sticks.

5.Apply finishing touches,trim out excess ribbon and fishing line.

And taadaa ,here’s what we have:

What do you think of this little DIY-idea? Let me know in the comments below.


*Knock knock*   *remove cobwebs*

Hey Everyone,

It’s your girl…..yh…its me in full flesh and blood. I’m sincerely apologize for my unavailability . ….i know I messed up..**clenched fist**

Thanks for not giving up on me , the calls,messages. I love you all.

When life shows one a reason to cry, one should show him a thousand reasons to smile. My unavailability was due to exams, loss of phone and i was also indisposed.

But I bless God for always being faithful and I appreciate your concern too.

So let’s catch up a lol bit, am better now and I guess I need a hangout …..yh….haven’t had one since like forever….and fortunately  there’s this Girls day out that I’m planning to  attend on Monday, October 2nd through @thatgiftedgirl. I perceive its going to be a lot of fun.

I’m so glad I’m here again……super excited….. Will talk to you soon.



Yeah…. It’s Friday 

*drum rolls*
It’s the weekend…… Yeah… *dancing*

Friday, fryday ,friyaay
The best day of the week that is much anticipated. Fridays being the fifth (or sixth day) is the most loved day of the week and makes me excited. 

Five Reasons I love Fridays 

5.It allows for little silliness as other days are more serious.

4. It allows me to eat all I want to eat as there’s time to shop for more food. 

3. It signifies the end of a week and ushers in the weekend.  The end of the week, whether you’re in college, school, work or anywhere Friday is by far the best day of the week. The weekend warriors come out from hiding and you can forget all your troubles, even if it is for only 2 days.

2. Fridays enables me  to access  what I ‘ve done through the week and enables me to think of working harder the following week (if i don’t meet up to my expectations). 

1. Fridays reminds me of the love Christ,  Exhibited by  dying on the cross of calvary for me. Christ died two days before sabbath making it a Friday. 
Friday Rocks,  TGIF

My time to play, party, rest, explore and rejuvenate. 

What makes you excited about Friday? I’ll like to hear from you. 

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Xoxo 💕💕

Flash Fiction ||Gehenna

Joyce, Joyce…”James called from the lobby of the hotel. James had seen Joyce as soonas she stepped into the hotel. He wiped his face with his hand severally to ensure he was seeing clearly. The latter just looked back, smiled and continued her walk across the lobby. He was both confused and disturbed. Sweaty beads formed on his forehead, his head echoed withsounds like the bellows of goldsmiths”.  “So the dead also visit hotels”, he thought out loud. He ran into his room slamming thedoor behind him. His mind wandered back to what he saw hours ago. He checked hiswristwatch and also the digital wall-clock that hung very high away from the chandelier;he rushed to check the bedside clock too, to confirm if his imaginations were real. It hadbeen six hours since he had left Joyce’s house and had seen her in a pool of her ownblood. He hurriedly left her house not knowing the next step to take and not wanting to beimplicated.

“Hmmm,,,”, he took a deep breath. “What is happening?’, he asked no one else inparticular.

“James, James”. He heard as the feminine voice called out his name and a finger then tapped him.

He jumped from his seat, with his eyeballs bulging out and looked towards the direction of the door he surely knew he had locked, he opened his mouth and screamed from horror. He woke up from his dream still screaming and his body washed with terror. 

He had screamed so loudly that he had expected Joyce who had fallen asleep beside him to have awoken. He was suprised there was no response from her. He reached over to her side of the bed and was even more suprised she wasnt there. He kicked off the duvet, got into his slippers and went into Joyce’s bathroom. He had crashed over at her house after the day’s work; since this wasnt the first time he was staying over at her place, he was well familiar with her apartment.
He put his right hand on the light-switch and realised they were shaking from the shock of the nightmare. He steadied it and pushed against the switch. The electric bulb came on, and there on the floor lay Joyce, in a pool of her own blood with a knife plunged deep into her heart. Blood drained from his face as he stared at the sight before him. His nightmare had truly begun.

 Travel post||Olumo Rock

Hello lovelies,
Hope you’re enjoying your weekend?

So, I once said I want to travel round the world in my Bucket travel list here …(So help me God, please help say Amen). I decided to start from Nigeria,though I’ve visited some places in Nigeria but I happen to travel to Abeokuta and  I visited the Famous Olumo Rock, all expenses paid by my Best friend. We got  Tickets  at the entrance of the tourist complex (I don’t know how much it costs as bestie paid, can’t thank you enough, Bes. ) Thereafter, the tour began with people around to guide and explain things to us when needs be. 

The Rock is a great Monument that served as shelter and fortress to  the people of Egba(that is what Abeokuta people are called) during the intercity war in 1830. The Town’s name is culled from this : Abeokutaunder the Rock.  Olumo Rock has a infrastructure of an escalator   for people with mountain climbing phobias, museum, a restaurant and a water fountain. 

Olumo fountain
View from the Olumo Rock, Showing the First church in Nigeria.
Another view from the Rock

The part of the Rock used for grinding, the deformation is due to the grinding action (tho this is called a hollow cavity geologically.)
The diety that was worshipped back then
This part shows the first house in Abeokuta(ignore my smiling face, enjoying the tour)

I enjoyed every bit of time spent there,thinking of where next to travel to.

Thanks for reading this post. 

Till next time,